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Pterygium. This is the closest that resembles my issue with

Resolved Question:

Pterygium. This is the closest that resembles my issue with my eye. I used to weld and would get arc flash and it appears, this is how the growth came about. Are there any good topical eye solutions that can get rid of it or does it have to be surgically removed. My eye is constantly red and have used every eye solution available. i.e natural tears, liposec...etc.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Steven Baughman replied 7 years ago.
Pterygium is usually treated with conservative measure like eye solutions.

Rarely is surgery required.

But you have to consult an Eye doctor or ophthalmologist to get an expert opinion.

An eye doctor will also be able to give you prescription medicines if he decides to treat you conservatively.

Since you have used most solutions, it would not help to recommend any OTC medicines to you and instead you should consult an eye doctor for his opinion and also to get prescription medicines.

Till then, you can try with an OTC decongestant like Visine. You can also use an anti-allergic like Zaditor. But these medicines are for the short term only and you should consult an eye doctor for this.

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