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Dr. James
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I had the crystal lens implanted in my first eye, two weeks

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I had the crystal lens implanted in my first eye, two weeks ago today. It went smoothly although my vision in that eye is still a work in progress. Yesterday I got out of bed and was very dizzy. I had mild vertigo all day. It is better today but still present. I am using steroid drops in my eye 2x a day now....4x a day before today.
After Crystal lens surgery, 2 weeks is the time when one starts using the eye muscle with the new lens. And you start eye exercises. Could this be causing the problem?
I dont want to do the other eye until I get this straightened out.
Any ideas?

Before the surgery did you have a high glasses prescription?
Is it dizzy when using your old glasses?
Do you have high blood pressure?
Have you checked your blood pressure?
How is the vision in that operated eye?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I wore reading glasses only. I did this surgery to stop wearing them and prevent future cataracts. This was my non-dominant eye. It sees now about the same as before.

I am not using the glass on that eye and it does not happen when I sit and use my computer. It happens when I get out of bed, lean my head forward, turn my head from side to side or make sudden movements. It stops when I hold my head still.

My blood pressure is super low 106/ is steadily low. I workout daily and am extremely fit. This was preventative. I did not workout today because of this.

As predicted, far vision is good. Middle is so so and near is awful. I was told that near would only imporove when my muscle began to "wake up" and use the lens. I was given eye exercises to do and I will. For now I am simply not using my reading glasses on that side...I was told not to.

The additional information of the dizziness being provoked by head movements can be an indication of an inner ear problem. There are sensors in the inner area that helps stabilize our view of the world, and problems there can cause dizziness. If 106/55 is abnormally low for you, this can also be the cause of your dizziness. Drink plently of fluids and talk to your primary care doctor about these two causes.

The Crystalens is unlikely to be the cause of your symptoms. If you had a high prescription before the surgery, after the surgery, there would be a high difference between the two eyes. This is unlikely the the case since you only needed reading glasses before the surgery. For the reading vision, you can use standard drug store readers until the operated eye "wakes up".

Remember to press the green ACCEPT button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Best wishes to you. Feel free to ask any additional questions.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

106/55 is NORMAL for me. I have always been like this and DO drink plenty of fluids.

Do you think that its just a co-incidence that this started at exactly 2 weeks post surgery, ie that suddenly I had an inner ear problem the day that my eye muscle starting waking up. Seem strange to me.

Have you ever heard of dizziness being related to the " eye muscle kicking in". Or, for that matter to steroid drops in the eye for 2 weeks?

If not, then I guess I will just wait it out.

Reply please?

And thanks.

Do you have any nausea or eye pain?
Do you know what your eye pressure was at the last visit?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

slight headache above eye. This is normal I think. My head feels "loggy"...not normal and clear like usual. But I assumed that this was post surgical stuff. No nausea.

Yes, eye pressure was 15 and hence in the normal range. It has been 15 for the last 40 years. It was tested post surgery and was still 15.

Any other ideas or just wait it out?


The recovery from Crystalens is no different than a standard lens. Dizziness is not commonly seen during the recovery period. If the eye pressure is high, it may cause nausea,eye pain, possible dizziness. Since the pressure is normal (10-21 is normal), then I don't think your current symptoms are due to the Crystalens. Sinus congestion may cause heaviness and headache.

Please remember to accept if my answer has been helpful.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I think I am back where I started from. I will wait it out and see if it resolves.

Thanks for your help! Unless you can think of anything else, I will press accept.

Oh, one more thing, should I delay the eye exercises until this resolves or just go ahead and do them despite this?


If the eye exercises cause dizziness, then you should delay them. But there is no reason to avoid them.

I would appreciate an accept if you found my answers helpful. Your question was if there was a connection between your dizziness and the crystalens. I don't believe they are related.
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Vertigo is the sensation of the room spinning around you. If this accurately describes your symptoms, then an inner ear problem is most likely. There are medications that can help with this.