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I am at risk for glaucoma and I have early cataracts. I take

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I am at risk for glaucoma and I have early cataracts. I take Xalatan.

Last week I had a bad cold and I blew my nose, drank lots of water and coughed a lot. I think my IOP was exacerbated by all of this. I was seeing floaters. I never get eye pain.

Ever since the cold, I feel like I need reading glasses all of a sudden. What could cause this?

Can you elaborate what you mean by "at risk for glaucoma"?
Are the floaters new?
Do you also see flashes of lights?
Is your distance vision affected?
What medicines are you using for your cold symptoms?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My IOP appears to be controlled at 12 in the Dr's office. No vision loss has been verified yet so my doctor is not officially calling it glaucoma.

I have floaters from time to time, but when I had the cold and blew my nose hard, I saw more and brighter. I usually don't see floaters and now I don't see it anymore. I saw flashes of lights when I blew my nose hard. I've never seen them that bright before and it stopped happening when I stopped blowing my nose.
My distance vision seems a bit off today. Last night my eyes were dry and one contact lens got stuck. I added drops and removed them. My eyes don't hurt but they may be a bit dry.
I avoided cold drugs because I knew they might raise my IOP. I didn't take any at all.
Thank you for the reply. I believe your current is related to your cold and not your suspected glaucoma. The eyes are in close proximity to the nasal passages. The viral infection can sometimes spread and cause a conjunctivitis or irritation. The cold is accounting for your dryness and decrease vision.

Floaters are opacities in the middle of your eye. They can be out of your field of vision, but with sudden movements they can be brought into your field of vision -- similar to shaking a snow globe. The flashes can be due to the force of your sneezing and causing the vitreous gel in your eyes to stimulate the retina.

If you notice a sudden increase in floaters or consistent flashes (even without sneezing), this can be an indication of a retinal problem. In that case, it is recommended you see your ophthalmologist for a dilated retinal exam. For now, use artificial tears and consider a contact lens holiday if they are bothering you until your cold symptoms improves.

Remember to press the green ACCEPT button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Best wishes to you. Feel free to ask any additional questions. Smile
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much Dr. James!
You're welcome.