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My daughter is 12 years old she is wearing glasses from when

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My daughter is 12 years old
she is wearing glasses from when she was eightyears old
during a recent check up the optometrist observed astigmatism in 1 eye of 0.75

Perhaps our regular optmotrist didn't notice it before, we went there for 4 years, and now ,because we have moved,we consulted another opthometrist

So my question are;

is astigmatism an eye condition that can develop even after she has been wearing glasses for the past 4 years?

She is 12 now, will the astigmatism become worse with time?

could the first optometrist just have "missed" it

or could or new optometrist just be "wrong"

should we conult a ophthalmologist?

Thanks for your time,

Hello Ellen
astigmatism simply means the surface of the cornea is curved a bit like a football (oval) rather than a basketball. The 0.75 diopter of astigmatism is not very much and can develop over time. The progression as well as onset are independent of glasses use. So that means it may get a bit worse over time or stabilize irregardless of whether she uses glasses (with or without the astigmatism correction) or she does not use them. Checking for astigmatism is easy and you do not need a second check at all. She may have had some mild astigmatism before but unless it is about 0.50 diopters or more, sometimes the optometrist will leave it out to make the glasses lighter, cheaper and more comfortable to wear. I wish her well, Dr. Stevens
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello Dr. Stevens,
Thanks for your answer (sorry for all the spelling mistakes in my previous e-mail)
I have one last question I forgot to ask; Is astigmatism hereditary?


astigmatism is not hereditary, at least the slight astigmatism you stated is not hereditary. If you test everyone, probably 1/2 all have some mild astigmatism. I have it, but done wear any glasses and see 20/20. There are disorders that can give you high amounts of astigmatism, like instead of 0.75, it may be 3.00, 5.00 or more - some of those may be hereditary, however this is not something you need to worry about at this time, Regards XXXXX

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