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Dr.S Riaz
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Category: Eye
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My daughter has dark brown around the eye lid and below the

Resolved Question:

My daughter has dark brown around the eye lid and below the eye, she is 23 years old, is there anythink to worry about her health ??
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.
How is she otherwise?

Does she have any other health problems?

Could you send me a photo?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She is tired all the time, she had glandular fever in January last year 2008, and has always been tired, and has no energy, if she has any alcohol she is worse and it takes days to get over.

She has a repedative job of data entry, which makes her eyes strained all the time.

I am a very concerned mother, she looks pail and the eyes seem to be getting darker and darker, she did not have this before, she has also had the cervical cancer injections, and it seems worse since that as well. I do not have a photo close enough for you to see the darkness around her eyes.
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.
For her eyes, she can use a lubricating eye drop like Refresh Tears 4-5 times a day. She seems to be suffering from dryness in her eyes. If she works on a computer, then she should ensure that the level of computer screen is below her eyes. She should blink at regular intervals while working on computer as that is reduced and causes dryness in eyes. Dark brown colour is not causing her weak or any fatigueness.

For her other problems it would be better to get her examined by a gynaecologist. Anemia should be ruled out as paleness could be due to that. Thanks.

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Edited by Dr.Shariq Riaz on 10/1/2009 at 1:54 PM EST
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