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My father is 75 years of age and had cateract operations on

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My father is 75 years of age and had cateract operations on one eye 154 years ago. Then all of a sudden he completly lost sight in the same eye last week. He didn't notice it as the sight in another eye is perfectly alright.
Would like to know the possible causes of this and if any medication/treatment is available? Pls Help
A sudden painless loss of vision in his operated eye can be most probably due to
- a retinal detachment. The retina of our eye (on which the main vision is formed) can get detached leading to sudden loss of vision.
- central retinal vein occlusion - due to causes like sudden rise in blood pressure, there can be profound loss of vision.
- If the loss of vision was gradual then it can be due to glaucoma. The exact cause can be determined only on complete eye evaluation.
In case he has a retinal detachment, he would need to undergo surgery. In case of a vein occlusion, he would need further investigations like FFA (fundus fluorescein angiography) etc.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you so much for your advice.Could you please elborate more on treatement that he may require as this was possibly a gradual loss of sight over a period of last 4-5 years which my father didn't notice as it was totally painless.

Woul realy appreciate your quick response.

If the loss of vision was gradual, then he might be suffering from glaucoma. Glaucoma is rise in pressure of the eye (8-22 is normal). If he is suffering from glaucoma, then most probably, the other eye must be also getting affected to some extent. The treatment fo glaucoma is done by using various eye drops to control the pressure. Surgery is the last option. The loss of vision is irreversible due to glaucoma.
He needs to be evaluated as soon as possible because the correct diagnosis can be made only on a firts hand examination.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dear Dr. PG;

Thak Your advice. Just now I had a word with him( my Father) and he told me that He has not lost it completely. He can still make out the shape but it's very blurr. Any hopes of recovering it back from this stage.

As I said if the cause is glaucma, then the vision loss is irreversible. But if he is having other problems like formation of PCO (posterior capsule opacification) then that can be remedied by laser. In PCO a thick membrane is formed behingd the implanted lens which can be lasered.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
lt;p>I realy appreciate your patience with and once again thank you so much for answering to all my queries.</p><p>Best Regards</p><p> </p><p>xxx xxx</p>
You are most welcome.
Glad to be of help