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My right eye has been watering for about two months-doctors

Resolved Question:

My right eye has been watering for about two months-doctors have said it is basil eye drymess and it hasn't cleared upyet. Now tonite my eye is twitching really bad what makes my eye do this?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.



Your eye can water for two main reasons.


One is that it is dry. The nomal tear film may be decreased causing your eye to produce a watery tear that just runs down your cheeks.


The second is that the tear drainage ducts may be clogged. The ducts drain tears that you produce into the back of the throat. If the ducts are clogged, the tears have nowhere to drain but down your cheeks.


These two causes can easily be differentiated in the office. The treatment for each (artificial tears, punctal plugs, etc. for dry eye or probing open the duct for clogged tear drainage duct) depends on the diagnosis.


Eye twitching (called myokymia) can occur as a result of irritation (allergies, dry eyes, etc.). But the most common cause is stress. No harm is done and it usually resolved within a few months.


I hope this helps and thank you.

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