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Dr. James
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I have busted blood vessels in my left eye along with a

Customer Question

I have busted blood vessels in my left eye along with a headache for over two weeks.
The blood vessels have been busted for 3 days and look to be getiing worse.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 8 years ago.
Where is the busted blood vessels? on the whites of your eyes?
Do you have high blood pressure?
How old are you?
Any vision changes?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes, they are in the whites of my eye.

no, I don't have high blood pressure.

I am 39 years young.

Not really any vision changes, but today it burns and feels a little dry.

Expert:  Dr. James replied 8 years ago.
You likely have a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This happens when delicate blood vessels of the conjunctiva (clear covering of the eye) burst. This is very similar to a bruise, but redder because there is no skin covering it. The bleeding is usually the result of minor trauma such as coughing or eye rubbing.

Similar to a bruise, subconjunctival hemorrhage may take 1-2 weeks to reabsorb and go away. During that time, it may darken and change colors. That is expected and no need to worry. Worrisome symptoms are pain, decrease vision, or double vision. You should contact your ophthalmologist promptly if these occur.

Headache is not related to a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Your can try some artificial tears to help soothe the eyes, but if the headache does not improve, I recommend you see your primary care doctor.

Remember to press the green accept button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Best wishes to you.

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