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Is eye whitening surgery safe, and is it available in Boston

Resolved Question:

Is eye whitening surgery safe, and is it available in Boston area?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
Can you describe the blemishes on your eyes that you are concerned about? Do you have a reference to the eye whitening surgery you have heard about?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dr. Boxer Wachler has a website, was also on t.v.
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
I was able to find his website. Honestly, I have not heard the term before. The conjunctiva is a clear covering over the whites of the eyes and the blood vessels can be prominant due to irritation. His website mention removing this thin layer. We do commonly a similar surgery to remove moles and ptergyium, but I have not heard of doctors doing it for red eyes.

I don't have first hand experience with his technique, though I can tell you that the practice is not wide spread and you're unlikely to find a doctor in Boston. I recommend you call their office to see if they are familiar with doctors in the Boston area doing similar work.
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Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
Quick update. I emailed Dr. Wachler and received some additional information. There is a youtube video of before and after patients.

The techniques of the surgery involves surgical removal of the conjunctiva, a procedure that most ophthalmologist do for pterygia or pinguecula.

Most ophthalmologist, however, choose not to perform this type of procedure for red-eyes.

Cost for the procedure is $3000-$5500/eye.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
eyes have red veins and general redness, cold compresses seem to help more than warm ones, but am concerned cold compress will clog eye glands and cause red eye rims. Also, do eye drops with anti- histamines dry out eyes?

Restasis after 8 months seem to make eyes redder.
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
Anti-histamines will help if you have an underlying allergy. If used long enough, the preservatives in them can irritate the eyes as well. Restasis increases tear production and helps dry eyes that way.

You can consider chilled artificial tears which can have short term vasocontricting effect. Flaxseed oil (3000mg) daily may be beneficial for dry eye symptoms as well.