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My 5 year old daughter has sudden eye pain and she says it

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My 5 year old daughter has sudden eye pain and she says it feels like there is something in them but we took her to her doctor and to the hospital and they found nothing wrong..What could this be?
How long has she been complaining of something in her eyes? Is it one or both? Does her eyes tear up?
What have you tried already?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She has been complaining for about 2-3 weeks no discharge in her eyes no tearing no crusty's and no headaches just sudden pain that comes and goes we have tried Alaway eye drops, zyrtec, flo nase, rinsing eyes. Sometimes its one eye sometimes its both
Has she seen an ophthalmologist or optometrist yet?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no because its labor day weekend and it has been more severe these last couple days and have had a laps in insurance that we can fix until tues.
I would recommend a more detail eye exam from an ophthalmologist or optometrist. This would give a better idea of what is going on. A sensation of something in the eyes and sharp pains are signs of underlying irritation (dry eyes or allergies). Though it feels like something is in it, there is not usually a foreign body on the eye. Especially since it has been a few days already and it seems you have adequately rinsed the eyes.

Another possibility could be a misdirected eyelash that is rubbing on her eyes. This can sometimes be difficult to see without a magnified view. The eye drop you have done so are is a good start. You can continue using artificial tears and cool compresses to help soothe the eyes.

If cost is an issue, a visit to the optometrist is often times much cheaper and they should be able to examine your daughter's eyes thoroughly.

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