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My left eye itches and tears. It's been doing so constantly

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My left eye itches and tears. It's been doing so constantly for 2 months or more. I went to an Ophthamologist, and he examined my eye, gave me some lubricating drops, and said "maybe" my eyelid wasn't producing oil and triggering the call for tears. The itching seems to be either the inside or outside corner, but never the same at all times. At times, it feels like a small piece of dirt lodged in the inside corner, but nother is there. At other times, it feels as though an eyelash is touching my eye. Yet nothing is. The eyelid is puffy and swollen when I awake, but no matter is present, so I think I can rule out conjunctivitis. The right eye is unaffected.

Thank you for your question. When were you examined by your ophthalmologist? What are you currently using? Do you wear contact lenses? How old are you?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I was examined 3 weeks ago. I'm currently using Murine PLUS. I do not wear contacts, and I'm 54.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I also have xanthomas (spelling????) on both eyelids. Could they be a cause as well?
Thank you for the additional information.

Murine Plus (Tetrahydrozoline) is a vasoconstrictor that reduces the caliber of the blood vessels, thus alleviating 'red eyes'. It is ok to temporary redness, but I would advise very limited of this medication. Long term use can cause your eyes to be used to the medicine and your eyes be even redder once you stop using the medication.

Itchiness is typical in ocular allergies. This is usally in both eyes but can be present in one eye only. Try to think of what you might have changed (eye makeup, laundry detergent to wash pillow cases, house plants). An over the counter antihistamine eye drop can be helpful with this ( such as Zatidor or Elestat). The foreign body sesation is a sign of irritation and dryness. Regular over the counter artificial tears can help with that. Use these 4-6 times/day.

Xanthelasma are yellow plaques on the skin, commonly the eyelids. These are collections of lipid. Half of the people with these lesions have elevated blood lipids. So, it is recommended you get your lipid checked if you have not had it done recently. These aren't related to your current symptoms.

Remember to press the green accept button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Best wishes to you.
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