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Dr. Stevens
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I am seeing a permanent black, kind of half circle that

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I am seeing a permanent black, kind of half circle that resembles a spider, slightly off to the right of center of my vision. It moves to the far right if I look right. I see it whether my eyes are open or closed. If I look toward the left the "thing" remains stationary in the center of my vision.
It is not painful unless I apply pressure to the eye. I also have pain in my left eye that is harp and shooting. Any pressure applied to left eye is very painful.
This all began today.
Should I see my eye doctor or is that something akin to floaters that will pass.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Hello there
Things that seem to float in your vision as you are describing are imperfections in the gel in the back of the eye (vitreous). If these are chronic, they are not worrisome. However, since they have developed recently, you should have your eyes examined. The reason is that this may simply be floaters in the gel, as a normal consequence of the aging eye, however it may also be a sign of a torn or detaching retina. You should be seen in the next few days, however, if you experience increasing floaters yet, new flashes of light (often described as an arc of light off to the side), or a blind spot or curtain in your vision, you should be evaluated tomorrow. I hope this helps, Sincerely

Dr. Stevens
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