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My upper eyelids have been very swollen, puffy, and achy in

Resolved Question:

My upper eyelids have been very swollen, puffy, and achy in the last month. I have been on Singulair for allergies for over a year & it seems to work great. I do not have a sinus infection right now, and even when I do, I take pseudoephidrine and that works as well. I have tried sleeping with my head slightly elevated when I sleep, but I still wake up with eyelids that look like I have been crying all night! My eyes are not red, itchy, or irritated, either. Also, I do NOT have any puffiness or bags UNDER my eyes, either. It is strictly in my upper eyelids only. Any ideas as to what may be causing this?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.



Do you wear contacts lenses? How is your vision? Do you sleep with a ceiling fan on?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I do wear contact lenses, and the pair I have been wearing are new (less than 2 months old). My vision has been fine. And no, I do not sleep with a ceiling fan on.
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.



There are several causes for eyelid swelling. The most common, as you have already eluded to, are allergies, sinuses.


Another common cause is giant papillary conjunctivitis. This is a condition that we see often in contact lens wearers. The eyelids develop these giant papillae (bumps) that can be seen when the upper lids are everted. This is usually caused by overwear of contacts or reaction to contact solutions. This becomes a chronic problem. It can be controlled by drops like Crolom.


Finally, because the skin around the face is very loose, when you get an episode where you have swelling it can often become chronic. Even though the precipitating cause is gone, the loose skin allows for fluid to fill back up very easily (such as when laying down due to gravity). Once you have eyelid swelling, it may take steroid medications to resolve the chronic swelling.


I hope this helps and thank you.

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