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My granddaughter is in the hospital with peri optical

Resolved Question:

My granddaughter is in the hospital with peri optical cellulitis. What should i KNOW ABOUT IT?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Mikey replied 8 years ago.
I presume that you mean peri-orbital cellulitis. This is a deep skin infection of the area around and in front of the eye socket. It can result from an extension of a local wound infection(like a small scratch that acts as an entry point for the bacteria), a complication of a severe conjunctivitis(pink eye), or it can come from underneath as secondary to sinusitis, tear duct infection, or tear glan infection. It used to be much more common 15-20 years ago, before we routinely immunized infants against the previously most common cauative bacteria, Hemophilus influenza B. Since about 1995, the Hib vaccine has become an integral part of the infant vaccine series, so we have seen much less periorbital cellulitis-as well as less meningitis, pneumonia, ear infections-caused by this germ. However we still have unimmunized infants who are still susceptible, as well as the infection being caused by other bacteria, Staph in particular. In most severe cases that are hospitalized, several days of appropriate IV antibiotics will allow a patient to go home and complete 10-14 days on an oral medication. The long-term prognosis is good with proper treatment. The only lesson here is to realize how important immunizing infants can be.
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