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Recently, had a bad fall from vertigo. Went down hard and

Resolved Question:

Recently, had a bad fall from vertigo. Went down hard and hit my left side face just above cheekbone, split the skin and luckily had no broken bones. However, since the cut was healing and the swelling and black eye was healing, just assumed everything was tied together. Have been getting headaches on the side since, and seemed to have an entire new floater, more like a veil with a thread floating thru the film as I move my head or eyes sideways. Also, experiencing flashes of light probably 24/7 bit only obvious to me at night, just on the same side as the injury. I initially disregarded everything as part of the healing process, but now going on three weeks since the fall and the eyes are starting to alarm me.
Any ideas here? I am going to schedule an exam perhaps next week. The left eye is mildly blurry to me, and since I am a ceramic dental technician, I'm a little worried here....I need to work..........
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 8 years ago.

You are likely developing a PVD or posterior vitreous detachment. This is a normal process that many people go through. Sometimes, this process is accelerated with by trauma.

What is happening is the thick gel inside your eye (vitreous) liquifies over time. As it liquifies, it can clump together and you get floaters. The liqufied vitreous can also collapse on itself and it starts to pull away fromt the walls of the eyes. You may see flashes as it stimulates the retina in the process and also a veil (similar to cobwebs) as you see the back surface fo the vitreous.

All this is not harmful to the eye. It is important that you get an dilated eye exam to check for retinal tears, holes or retinal detachment. If you can get a sooner appointment, that is preferable, but next week should be fine.

If you notice sudden increase in floaters or increase in flashes (like a lightening storm), or a dark veil or curtain in the periphery, you need to contact your ophthalmologist promptly, as these could be signs of a retinal detachment.

Remember to press the green accept button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Feel free to ask any addtional questions.
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