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My wife has wet macular degeneration in her eye and has had

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My wife has wet macular degeneration in her eye and has had three Avastin injections to date into her eye .
Unfortunately she had three absessed teeth betwen the second and third injections and had to go on Antibiotics which were Clinamycin ,Penen V 500 MG. and Clinamycin again and then Cephalsporin and Levaquin Btween all the antibiotis she had 3 root canals done.
At this time all she really would like to know if a side effect of all I have mentioned above could be ringing in her ears which is really bothering her badly .
Thanks so much if you are able to add some light on to this matter .
Jim Phelan

The "mycin" drugs (like clindamycin) can all cause ringing as a side effects. Other possibly related factors that can cause ringing would be TMJ (from inflammation of the jaw joint) and sinusitis (spread of infection).
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