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I had a sty about 6 weeks ago.I went to my internist,he gave

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I had a sty about 6 weeks ago.I went to my internist,he gave me a antibiotic ointment and it went away in a about 5 i noticed a red pimple where the other one was and put compress on and used the same medicatiom.this is the 5th day and it seems the same. I dont understand why it came backIt is betweem my eyelashs.
can you give me some advice,iam scared

than you
arlene] ***@******.***
Hello Arlene,

Thank you for your question. A stye is a blocked oil gland of the eyelid (similar to a pimple). When the oils backs up, it can cause it to be red and tender. The warm compresses helps softens the oils and allows it to self-drain. The antibiotics will help it clear as well.

After this current stye clears, it is important to prevent the oil glands from being blocked up. You could continue the warm compresses twice days and gently massage the eyelids to get the oils flowing. You should also use baby shampoo diluted in water to scrub at the bases of your eyelashes. You can use the pads of your fingers or a q-tip.

This will help it from recurring. If after diligently doing the warm compresses and lid scrubs and you still get these recurrent styes, you doctor may prescribe your and antibiotic to take by mouth. I recommmend you visit with an ophthalmologist if the styes are recurrent.

Remember to press the accept button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Feel free to ask any addtional questions.
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just gently press on the eyelid against the eyeball. Just use a slight pressure, not a rubbing motion. Do the dilute baby shampoo at the end to clean it all away.

5 days is still early, so be patient and give it some more time.

Sometimes, the material in the stye will harden up. If that happens, warm compresses will not help anymore. If the bump is bothersome, you'll need to visit with an ophthalmologist to remove it.