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My father has been using Atropine Sulfate Ophthalmic for about

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My father has been using Atropine Sulfate Ophthalmic for about 3 weeks post retinal re-attachment surgery (twice a day until the bottle is finished as per instructions of the surgeon/specialist). He hasn't noticed any side effects whatsoever until a day or so ago when he says his eyes are stinging and causing him some discomfort (pain). Should the medication be stopped or should we continue to administer it twice a day? [The surgeon/specialist attending to his post-operative care is away on holidays.]

How old is your father?

Which eye is stinging (the eye that had surgery or both)?

Is your father on any other eye drops or medications? Any vision changes?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is 56 years old.

The eye that had the surgery and that the Atropine drops are being applied to (his left eye) is stinging (although he's been on the medication for 3 weeks without these latest side-effects). He is taking regular Tylenol (extra strength - just the last day or so) for the pain and it is helping.

He is also on pms-Erythromycin - Ophthalmic ointment. No vision changes, just still blurry (can't see out of his left post-surgery eye).
Thank you for the additional information. It is very helpful.

The atropine could be causing the stinging. This could have happened after 3 weeks of use because the front surface can get rough from all the eye drops he is using. Continue using the erythromycin ointment, which should help with the pain. You can also try chilled artificial tears (available over the counter).

If the atropine continues to cause problems after trying the artificial tears, you can temporarily stop the atropine until your doctor returns from holiday.

Remember to press the green accept button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Feel free to ask any additional followup questions. Smile

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
"Temporarily stop the atropine until doctor returns from holiday" - that might be another concern, because the eye specialist/surgeon is not available until Monday Aug. 17th. I do not think we should stop the atropine for that length of time. What is a "safe" time-frame to suspend the atropine drops (days); but continue re-applying the atropine after some rest?

If we try the chilled artificial tears, does that replace the atropine, or are the artificial tears used in conjuction with the atropine and erythromycin ointment?
The artificial tears are in addtion to the other drops. Continue using the erythromycin ointment that you have.

Stopping the atropine for a few days or so would not cause any problems. The medication takes takes about 1-3 weeks to wear off normally, so suspending it a few days should not cause problems.

Most doctors doctors should have another doctor covering them while they are away on holiday. I would suspend the atropine for a few days. If pain worsens, I would call the office and ask for the doctor '"on-call".

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