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My 23 year old son just went off Cymbalta cold turkey not

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my 23 year old son just went off Cymbalta cold turkey not knowing all the side effects that would be taking place. today he was in much pain related to his eyes. super stong pressure and shooting pain coming from the back of his eyes. he was very frightened and scared. When he finally fell asleep i began doing research on the withdrawal side effects of cymbalta. it is now a total of 5 days that he is off cymbalta. one of the side effects listed is retinal detachment. i am scared that he might be suffering from that. is it important for me to wake him up and go to bascon palmer emergency room to check out if he might have this retinal detachment? is this curable or fixable?
please advise. thanks much for your prompt reply.
a very worried mother
Hello there
did your son complain of mainly pain and pressure or was there visual disturbance also? Did he mention losing any vision, new floaters or flashing lights? Did his eyes seem red or irritated?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
he said that he has strong scary pain coming from the back of his eyes and that he can't see so well.
he took out his lenses and put on his glasses but the vision was frustrating to him.
his eyes were not so irritated as was the areas around his eyes, like between his eyes, above his nose and above his eyebrows.
Hello there
Retinal detachment typically causes very significant symptoms including flashing lights, new onset of floaters which are things that move in the vision and blind spot in the vision that causes significant problems with vision. Retinal detachment rarely causes any eye pain or pressure. It is fairly safe to say he is not suffering from retinal detachment, but more likely a chemical imbalance in his body that is causing his symptoms. I think you can let him get some rest and if he has symptoms, he can be checked out tomorrow morning. More of a reassurence for you is that even if there was any retinal issue, it can wait till the morning for evaluation and treatment. I wish him well, Dr. Stevens
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