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Three years ago I had cataracts removed from both eyes. I

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Good evening. Three years ago I had cataracts removed from both eyes. I still have a white piece in the right eye that goes from side to side when I look right to left. Also of late my eyes have become very watery although I do not shed tears and my site is slightly blurred, but not all the time. I have noticed that recently that when I bend down and get up quickly I get slightly giddy and my sight is watery. I feel that my sight is only 80%.

I have reading glasses that have been percribed only recently. I do not have to wear glasses for normal use.
How old are you?
Do you suffer from any systemic diseases like diabetes or hypertension?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My age is 65years old. I suffer from hypertension but this is controlled and I have this tested every six months. My last reading was 140over 89. .I do not suffer from diabetes, although I am over weight. My weight is 15stone 8 ounces
your vision may not be 100% due to following reasons -
-posterior capsule opacification which can be corrected by YAG capsulotomy
-wrong prescription of glasses (you have already ruled that out)
-any retinal or corneal problem

You may also be having dryness in your eyes which causesreflex hypersecretion and watering from the eyes. Another possibility is that your lacrimal apparatus may be blocked as a result tears overflow. You will have to see an ophthalmologist to confirm these possibilities. You can start using a lubricant eye drop like Refresh Tears or Systane 3-4 times a day. This is likely to help you feel better.
It is normal to feel giddy after getting up quickly as the blood remains in the lower extremities due to gravity.

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