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my husband woke up this am with his eyelid bruised no where

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my husband woke up this am with his eyelid bruised no where else any ideas?
   Kindly give some more information regarding this question -
- what is your husband's age?
- is he on any long term medicines?
- did he receive any injury to the eye/forehead etc?
- any other symptoms?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No injury, no meds at all had a cialis the nite before,he is 51 yrs old, the eye does hurt a little the bruise is across the lash line and up the tear duct area
Thanks for the information.
The most common cause for a bruise on getting up in the morning is a minor trauma like an insect bite or a minor injury otherwise. At present if he has no pain, swelling etc, you need to observe the bruise. If there is any swelling then give him an antihistaminic like benadryl/cetrizine or an anti-inflammatory like tylenol/ibuprofen if there is pain. This might a symptom of an eye infection like conjunctivitis, in which case he would need to consult an Ophthalmologist.
Rarely a bruise without can cause can be initial symptom of a bleeding disorder. If similar bruises are repeated again or are present in other body parts then he needs to consult his doctor for blood tests to rule out bleeding disorders. At present there is no need to worry.
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