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I am female aged 45. I was diagnosed with an underactive

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I am female aged 45. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid October last year and have been on levothyroxine since. I have a wide variety of symtoms that I have had for many years including extreme tiredness, no energy / dryness (severe dry eye / vaginal dryness (thrush like sysmtoms but negatice on swab) / dry itch sometimes flaky scalp / dry skin)/ constipation / slightly raised blood pressure (150/110) / weight gain which I can't shift / burning of the face (just diagnosed with rosacea).
Is my dry eye connected to the hypothyroidism as I have read conflicting information and would laser surgery to correct shortsightedness make the conditon worse?
Yes dryness of eyes is related to hypothyroid or underactive thyroid. Most of the patients of hypothyroid need some lubricating eye drops like systane/genteal/optive/tears naturale II etc (available over the counter) to take care of the dryness.
If you undergo LASIK for correction of shortsightedness then the dryness of eyes might be problem. This is because the dryness increases a little. In normal patients it is of no concern. But in patients with pre-existing dryness this can lead to complications like infections, filaments etc after the LASIK. But LASIK is not contraindicated in dry eye patients. You need to be evaluated by an Ophthalmologist to determine the degree of dryness of eyes. After treating you for dry eyes, a satisfactory LASIK can be done.
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