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I have swelling in eyelid and under right eye also I have

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I have swelling in eyelid and under right eye also I have what looks like a fluid pocket in lower right corner of right eye the swelling goes down during day and when i get up in morning it looks ok but after awhile the redness comes back and the pocket that looks like fluid in lover right coorner of eye my eye dosen't hurt sometimes it will itch but not much.


How is your vision? Is there mattering and/or crusting in the morning?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I wear glasses my left is good right eye worse don;t remember the strength of glasses no i have no mattering or crusting in morning my upper eyelid is a little red in morning i also have some drooping in eyelid my eye doctor first thought it was allergy put me on steroid drops didn't seem to help


It does sound like allergy. However, what the allergy can do is to loosen the white part of the eye so that it swells up and sometimes hangs over the lower lid. This causes redness and swelling. I think what you need is some ointment to put in at night right before bedtime. This will help to protect the eye while you are sleeping. If you can, turn off and ceiling fans at night and humidify the air in the bedroom. Sometimes, while asleep, the eyelid do not shut tight and this leaves the eye exposed to air and dries out as well.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
One more question my doctor wants me to have a ct scan of eye to see if there is a tumor this worries me whatdo you think?


What made him think that there is a tumor? Is the swelling hard and firm like a nodule? Or is it soft?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it feels in upper eyelid also fairly soft under the eye what kind of ortiment do i need is it something i can get over the counter? the doctor just told me he wanted to rule out a possible turmor


Artificial tears come in ointment form (like Genteal gel or Lacrilube). These are OTC. I can't really comment on the CT since I can't see or feel the lids.

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