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I think I have some sort of herpes infection in my eyes. About

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I think I have some sort of herpes infection in my eyes. About 8 years after getting white puss in my eye from what I think was a herpes pimple.   Now my eyes are more sensitive to light, dry, hard to wear contacts, red, and most important symptom is that after the incident I get daily "sleep type puss" for lack of a better word that I never had until this. It's a white puss that forms in the corner of my eyes daily.   Also, I sometimes get a clear blisters on the edge on my eye lids.   I have to state again that was a pretty different type discharge than your normal type of eye sleep. I've had it for 8 years now and been to several eye dr's for check ups and none of them have noticed it. Though, I never mentioned it ortold them my symptoms do to fear. Obviously this is some type of infection, but does it sound like a herpes infection of the eye? I also suffer from fatigue, lung pain, and what I think is herpes-all my symptoms.



This does not sound like Herpes. It acts completely differently. It sounds like you have a condition called meibomitis. This is a condition (similar to acne) where the glands in the lids are overproducing oil. The oil then irritates the eye, causes it to get dry and red, and can causes the pores to get clogged. When this happens, the glands swell up like a stye (that's what the clear blisters sound like). Sometimes the caked up oil can blur the vision and cause matter while you sleep. You can treat this by scrubbing the lid margins with a mixture of warm water and baby shampoo twice daily.


Hope this helps and thank you.

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