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Im a crohns disease sufferer and believe that a symptom of

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Hi , im a crohns disease sufferer and believe that a symptom of this is dry eyes. my right eye in particular is very dry in the morning , reluctant to open and red like bloodshot with a sensation i can only describe as being like there is a piece of fluff in my eye with blurring also . i try eye drops and artifical tears but only very brif relief by using these. Please can you give me some advice?


Indeed, autoimmune type diseases can lead to dry eyes. If your main problem is dryness in the morning, it may be that your eyelids don't close tight while you are sleeping. Sometimes, I will suggest to patients that they instill some artificial tear ointments in the eyes right before going to sleep. This will protect your eyes better while you are sleeping. Also, if you can, humidify the air and turn off ceiling fans at night.

If artificial tears and the above don't help, the next step to treating dry eyes is to insert plugs into the tear drainage ducts. There is an eyedrop called Restasis that may also help you in this condition. Finally, people are starting to use autologous serum drops (made from your own blood).

Hope this helps and thank you.

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