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I had cataract surgery done five weeks ago and a Crystaline

Resolved Question:

I had cataract surgery done five weeks ago and a Crystaline lens put in.
I was told that the doctor had to put a stitch in the eye, and I have some blood and a bit of pain during this time.
I can "feel" what appears to be the stitch and it is often uncomfortable, scratchy, and I don't see well through that eye, the left one.

What is the prognosis for this eye and when does it clear up and what procedures must be done? Will a YAG Laser procedure be required?

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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


After this long, if the stitch is sticking out, it could be safely removed by your surgeon. Sometimes, you can have a foreign body sensation after surgery that is not caused by the stitch. As far as the prognosis, it depends on the refraction of the eye. If there was under- or overcorrection or if there is residual astigmatism, these will all have to be treated before you can have sharp vision. A YAG may help if the capsule is hazy. Finally, the Crystalens works best with two eyes. Sometimes, after one eye is done, things are still a little off until the second eye is done and they both work together.

Hope this helps and thank you.

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