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I woke up yesterday with the lids around my eye swollen.

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I woke up yesterday with the lids around my eye swollen. Today, it is swollen bigger. My vision is not blurry, and I am not allergic to anything. What should I do? Should I just wait to see if the swellen goes down? My boyfriend has a cold. Could I have gotten a cold in my eye?
It seems that you might have acquired an allergy or a mild viral eye flu. The initial symptoms of both the conditions can be similar. To help overcome your symptoms take ora anti-histaminic like benadryl/cetrizine, apply cold compresses to the eyes with ice, use lubricating eye drops like genteal/systane/optive etc and antiallergy eye drops like zaditor. These medicines are available over the counter. If there is no improvement or there is worsening, then you need to consult a doctor for an evaluation.
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