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I was diagnosed with CSR by my ophtalmologist and when i

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I was diagnosed with CSR by my ophtalmologist and when i went to a retina specialist he wanted to do a flourosein dyd test and I have been allowing only natural things in my body and i feel strongly about keeping it that way if possible. Dont get me wrong if I absolutely have to have it I will but my eye doctor says i dont need it. What is you opinion? Aso my same doctor gave me some eye drops for imflamation and said it might work on my CSR but again I would like to heal naturally, does CSR usually heal naturally or should I take the eye drops.


Hi Dave,

I'm currently answering your question. If you can stay online, I'll have your answer shortly.

Dr. Khu
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK Also I am a photographer and wanted to know if my high volume of taking photos (i.e. Weddings sports, portraits) caused me to get CSR? And if I continue to shoot high volume will my eyes have a bad other words does photography affect eyesight especially with all the flash I use on my camera?


Hi Dave, CSR or central serous retinopathy is a condition where the retina detaches from the pigmented layer underneath. Similar to a blister.

Fluid is always being produced, but the pigmented layer is always pumping it out as well, keeping the retina attached. In CSR, there is usually a pinpoint area of leakage that causes and imbalance of this fluid building and pumping, resulting this a blister-like appearance.

The fluorescein will identify this pinpoint area of leakage. Early on, the treatment is usually observation since many of these will resolve by themselves.

If it lasts longer then 1-2 months, your ophthalmologist may consider laser. At that time, it is important to know where the pinpoint leakage is to apply the laser. There are also injections of medicines that can be injectly directly into the eye. It depends on the doctor on how he would want to proceed.

The drops can help, but many people, it can resolve even without eye drops.

Please press ACCEPT if I've answered your question. I wish you the best of luck!

Dr. Khu
Dr. James and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
He photography itself did not likely cause it. This condition is common in middle-aged men what Type A personalities. So we think stress is a contributing factor.

I would definitely examine stressors in your life and deal with those.

Dr. Khu
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

thanks for the answers but is there any studies that show photography being harmful to eyesight? I am not handling this too well and i have to determine if I should just shoot nature and fine art or do something else.I dont want to ever have problems with my eyes and i will do whatever it takes to take care of them. I have become a Vegan, I exercise daily and i quit drinking beer to save my eyesight so this tells you how important my eyes are to me.

Thanks again!


Can you reference those studies for me. I'd be happy to look at them and critique them for you. The classic teaching for risk factors has been Type A personalities, male, stress, use of corticosteroids.

I think the changes you've made are wonderful and will help with your eyes as well as your overall health. I would continue with those efforts.

Most cases of CSR resolves, with near resolution of their vision. it just takes time. There are some unfortunate people who have recurrent CSRs. In those cases, each episode can cause a little damage each time. So, if you start having repeat episodes, I would start to worry more.

If this is the first time, started less than a month ago, I would try to relax and see your eye doctor at the next scheduled appointment. Usually it's about 4 weeks after the last appointment.

Dr. Khu