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My right eye doesn't blink all the way is my first problem.

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My right eye doesn't blink all the way is my first problem. It started a few months ago. I have had a problem with dryness and pink eye in that eye. The pink eye has been happening for a few years and up to 5 times a year.
Another problem i had was I was stretching my neck by pulling my chin to my neck and one of my eyes went cockeye... like it was looking in another direction. I blinked a couple times and it went back to normal. I can also turn my head to the left and get an instant headache that goes away if I move my head back the other direction.
I also have a neck ache especially when I bend my head back to look up.
i had an MRI of my head and there was nothing wrong with it to cause my eye not to blink.
please help... My head feels kinda spacey also.... I don't like it.
When did the incomplete blink start? Is the left eye completely normal?
What kind of doctor ordered the MRI?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Around December I went to my optomotrist because my right eye was kinda blurry... i would have to blink hard and it would go to normal. She said I had dry eyes and to drink more water and use OTC drops.
then sometime in May I noticed that I still saw when I blinked and so I got my Mac Computer movie feature out and recorded my blink and it only blinked 1/2... I went to another of the same kind of doctor at the same place and she said I was in Menopause, they are dry and to check my thyroid. she thought it blinked and that my eye's lower lid was droopy.... I didn't accept the idea that it was my age and the lower lid was droopy so I went to my family doctor.. he ordered the MRI and then he sent me to a Neurologist who thought I had Bell's Palsy... I am not sure if I accept that either.
Of all the things you listed, Bell's palsy by your neurologist is mostly likely.

Bell's palsy, or more correctly termed is cranial nerve seven palsy. There are 12 nerves in your head (12 cranial nerves). The 7th controls your facial muscles (ie, blink, forehead muscles, cheek, smile...). The 7th nerve exits in front your ear.

It can be damaged by trauma, infection, diabetes, or tumor. The MRI could help identify those. When no cause is found, it is then termed Bell's palsy. Some people think that it is due to a viral infection. You doctor may consider a trial of an antiviral pill.

If there is no identifiable cause, then treatment is usually to wait until it resolves. Some peole can have a full recovery, while some can still have an incomplete blink.

To treat your incomplete blink, use artificial tears often. one drop every 30-60 minutes. Use a think lubricating gel before bedtime and it will help your eyes from drying out and getting red.

Again, from your symptoms, the neurologist mostly likely has the correct diagnosis.

Please press ACCEPT if I have answered your question. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Dr. Khu
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
do you have any clue why when tucking my chin my eye went crooked?
As you likely knew already, cracking your neck should be avoided. The cranial nerves that control the movement of the eye should very well protected. Since your eyes are now straight, I suspect that the trauma of to the neck could have stunned one of the nerves temporarily.
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