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Dr. James
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My father was diagnosed 14 years ago with Keratakonosus. He

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My father was diagnosed 14 years ago with Keratakonosus. He currently wears prescription glasses and laser surgery has been ruled out for him.

The problem he now has, is his eyes are consistently watering. His GP has said it’s not an allergy.
He has visited multiple different specialists and nobody has been able to help him.
This week, one specialist cleared the tear ducts and said that is all he can do for him.
The watery eyes are getting worse by the day. This morning one of his eyes was totally sealed and he had trouble opening it. He is very desperate and is afraid he will loose his sight if nobody can help him.

I'm currently answering your question. If you are able to stay online, I'll have an response for you shortly.

Dr. Khu
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you Dr. Khu.

Please let me know if you need more info.


There can be many reasons for watery eyes, one of them is dry eyes. This is because when the eyes are irritated, then it can tear more in response.

Have they discussed any aspects of dry eyes with your father. With his eyes being sealed shut in the morning, he could be having a problem with them drying out while he sleeps. You may want to take note when he's sleeping to see if his eyes are not completely closed when he's sleeping. They still open, you can consider taping them closed when asleep. He can also use some lubricating ointment before he goes to sleep. These commonly found in pharmacies at night.

He may need to clean the bases of his eyelid with dilute baby shampoo. You can help help by using a q-tip to scrub the bases of the eye lashes. He can consider using artificial tears 4-6 times per day as well.

The other reason for water eyes is insufficient drainage. That seems to have been evaluated already.

Dr. Khu
What other specialist has he gone to? and what diagnosis did they give you at those time? What has he tried in the past already?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Only eye specialists. None of them have been able to give him an answer or diagnosis other than flush out the tear duct, which didnt help.

We think it may be psoriais inside the eye. Can it get in there? He suffers from that and in the last few days has become more red and itchy.

Psoriais is unlikely inside the eye. If you has skin changes on the eyelids and eyelashes, they can can caused irritation to the eyes.

Itchy is generally a sign of eye allergy. An antihistamine eye drop is available for that. If the eyes are really inflammed, a short course of topical steroids can be beneficial. This should strictly by prescribed by your ophthalmologist.

I don't believe the keratoconus is contributing to his current symptoms (redness, itchiness, watering), but can contribute to his decreasing vision. A poor tear film from blepharitis/dry eyes can definitely make your vision bad.

The first steps would be to lubricate the eyes with artificial tears. Night-time lubrication before bedtime. Lid hygien with baby-shampoo scrubs and warm compress.

Dry eyes can take time to treat and multiple visits. You may try to find another ophthlamologist who can be patient as well.

Dr. Khu
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