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I had bells palsy about 10 years ago and had steroid

Customer Question

hi,i had bells palsy about 10 years ago and had steroid treatment for it which worked, but as a result of this my right eye is smaller than my left and it waters when i eat anything spicey or acidic and my right hand side of my face feels tight,is there anything i can do or is there any treatment out there,cheers
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


You have what is called aberrant regeneration of the facial nerve. The facial nerve is the one that is affected in Bells Palsy. This occurs when the nerve is injured. As it recovers, abnormal connections are made. This is why you tear when you chew, etc. There has been some success with Botox treatment to minimize the effects from the aberrant stimulation (tearing), but this is temporary. The drooping lid can be lifted up with surgery.

Hope this helps and thank you.