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Dr. PG
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my left eye twitches when i move it to read or when i remove

Resolved Question:

my left eye twitches when i move it to read or when i remove my glasses and put them back on. I have been to an eye doctor twice and they have no real reason why it twitches but they tell me my eyes are healthy and my glasses has the correct RX, I have to take ambian no at night to sleep, this seems to help the eye twitch, I do not drink. I do have tea at lunch, but mostly water all day, no coffee. the last time I had an eye twitch it lasted for 5 months. it was gone for 2 months and now it is back again. any thoughts?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
   Eye twitching is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction. The exact cause of an eyelid twitch is unknown. A twitch mostly develops during times of increased stress. It has also been associated with high coffee intake, fatigue etc. Since you do not take coffee and your eyes are normal, it rules out an eye problem (decrease in vision, increase in pressure of the eye etc) as the cause of eye twitching. Usually a twitch indicates excessive stress. This stress an be mentally or eye strain (long hours on computers etc). Since the exact cause is not known, various treatments have been tried for eye twitching-
- applying warm compresses on the eye and gently massaging the eyelid to break the twitch.
- lubricating eye drops like tears naturale II/systane/genteal etc to relieve any eye strain (available over the counter)
- oral antihistaminics like cetrizine which slow down the muscle contractions, or twitching, making it less annoying.
- taking a nerve tonic like oral neurobion to strengthen the nerves.
Very rarely an eye twitch can be an early sign of hypothyroid. I would advise you to get your blood thyroid function test to rule that out.
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