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Dr. James
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For a little over two weeks, I have been experiencing a

Resolved Question:

Hi- for a little over two weeks, I have been experiencing a visual disturbance in my left eye. It appears to be in my peripheral vision. There are intermittent wavy lines and lights that look like someone is pouring gold glitter down the side of my eye.
In the last few days, in addition to the other symptoms, there are now occasional bright flashes of light like a light bulb that seems to move down the left side of my eye in a "C" shape. That is also intermittent.
Before all these lights started, I did have some strong headache activity over my left eye. My eye feels like there is some minor pressure in it also.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 8 years ago.
How long do the way lines last? Do they move when you move your eyes? How long have you seen the "C"?

Those wavy lines sound like floaters. Floaters are in the central cavity of the eye called the vitreous. The most common cause is the jelly material that is within your eye that over time condenses together and cast shadows on your vision and can look like fibers. Other things can also cast shadows such as blood or pieces of retina.

The "C" sounds like flashes which is caused by stimulation of the retina. This can happen when the jelly material pulls away from the wall of the eye, a normal process called a PVD (posterior vitreous detachment).

If you are seeing floaters and flashes with a PVD, then you will need a complete dilated exam to check for retinal tears, holes or detachment. If there are tears, you may need lasering of the retina to prevent a detachment. If there's a detachment, you may need laser, freezing probe to reattache it or surgery if it is more extensive.

Signs of a retinal detachment is a shadow, veil or curtain in the periphery of your vision. It is key to recongnize the signs of a retinal detachment before your vision is affected.

Again, it is recommended to get a full dilated eye exam to check for retinal problems.

I'll be happy to answer other questions or clarify if needed.

Best regards,
Dr. Khu
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Dr. Khu,

The wavy lines can last up to a minute or longer. They are random throughout the day. The wavy lines always have the gold glitter with them. When I move my eyes the lines and glitter have been staying on the periphery of my eye.

The "C" intermittent flashes has just been within the last week.

The only left eye issues I had prior to 2 weeks ago was pain of the left eyebrow- headache.

Expert:  Dr. James replied 8 years ago.
Hi Mary,

The wavy lines and "C" sounds like the flashes and floaters I talked about earlier.

Now the left brow pain and headache, is that still a problem? How long did it last? Do you have any systemic symptoms, such as generalized weakness, weight loss, scalp tenderness, jaw pain with chewing? How old are you? There is a condition called temporal arteritis or giant cell arteritis that occurs in older patients and can cause you to lose sight.

Dr. Khu
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