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My daughter has really bad eye pain, she said the inner part

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My daughter has really bad eye pain, she said the inner part of her eye, eye lid and outside corner of her eye all hurt. She said earlier today even the side of her nose felt numb on the same side. She said it hurts to blink, or to touch anywhere around. What could cause this? Is it worth a trip to the ER or should I wait to take her to ophthamologists in the morning. I left a message on his voice mail for the office in the morning. It left his # XXXXX his cell for emergencies, but I don't know how bad this is. I don't have insurance, so if I can avoid ER I would like to, but don't want something to happen to her eye! Help!!
How old is your daughter? Has she had or currently has a recent illness? Sinus infection? Can she open her eye or move it? Is her vision affected? Redness of the skin around the eyes? Any bug bits on the skin?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She is 14. She has not been sick. She does have sinus problems on occasion. She can open and move her eye. She says she can see fine, it just hurts really bad. Eye is not red. She does have bug bites on arms and legs. None on face.
It sounds like the pain can on in a short amount of time. I would be concern for an infection of some kind. She may have a cellulitis or infection of the skin. Sometimes through a bug bite or other times no identifiable origin. (pre-septal cellulitis)

Another concern would be to that an infection is surrouding the eyeball (orbital cellulitis). This is an ophthalmic emergency. Signs of this would be eye bulging out the socket, limited movement of that eye, redness of the whites of the eye. It does not sound like that.

It is difficult to make a diagnosis without seeing what is going on. Both of the conditions I mentioned would need treatment. Hopefully, you will get a return call from your ophthalmologist. You may also consider an after hours clinic or urgent care, which tends to have shorter wait times and cheaper.

I'll be happy to answer other questions or provide further guidance. I wish her well.

Dr. Khu
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