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Dr. PG
Dr. PG, Ophthalmologist
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Last year around this time my left eye started to hurt.

Resolved Question:

Last year around this time my left eye started to hurt. After two days of pain. A brown stain formed around my eye and it never went away. It is a bother to me. Especially in the summer where is more visible. Please assist.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
   Kindly give some more information regarding your question -
- what is your age and gender?
- did you have an eye evaluation last year? what was the cause of pain in your left eye? - uveitis, Glaucoma, etc?
- are you on any treatment at present?
- where exactly is the brown stain, near the cornea (black part of eye) or away from it?
- any symptoms at present?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

-Female 24 years old

-I never had an eye evaluation and I am uncertain what the cause of the pain is

-I am currently not on any treatments in regards ***** ***** and have never been

-The brown stain starts from my eyebrow and makes a wide circle, towads the beginnig of my check. It is not very close to the eye more like a thin brown circle that goes all the way around.

-I had some pain in the same area that started sometime last week and went on for 3 days. As of now I do not have any pain. But I am concerned.

Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the information.
- How did the pain subside? Did you take any medicine?
- were there any blisters or painful area on the skin where the brown stain is present now?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am not sure how the pain started. But it was around this time last year. And the pain felt like a deep bruise. When I press on it it hurts and also when I move my eyeball I feel pain in that area. The pain goes all around and leading toward my cheek.

Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
   From the history you have provided the possibility in your case can be -
- post herpetic skin discoloration - the pain in the eye with hypersenstivity along the skin (eye brow to cheek) is seen in case of herpes infection. Rarely, after the attack subsides, there is mild neuralgia (hypersenstivity) and mild skin discoloration along the distribution of the nerve affected.
- hemangioma - This is abnormal presence of blood vessels under the skin. This is usually painless and is present since birth/childhood, but can rarely present in adulthood.
I would advise you to consult an Ophthalmologist for a detailed first hand evaluation and subsequent treatment.
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