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2 years ago i went to lens crafters and got an eye exam and

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2 years ago i went to lens crafters and got an eye exam and the doctor asked me if i ever injured my eye and i told her no, i asked why she said there was what looked like to be a old healed scar on my eye but we didnt really think anything of it. well, 2 days ago i went for my 2 yr check up and also because my sight has gotten worse and got an eye exam and there was a machine where i insert my eye and it takes a picture, we looked at the pictures and it showed what looked to be a scar 2 yrs ago was at the back of my eye. she said sometimes you can get a frekkle but she was sure what it was, and also because i have a on-going case where i have chronic pain all over my body that has been going on since october 2008 and the doctors havent been able to diagnose me yet, she wants me to see a specialist to see what it is. i'm always worried about these thing especially since i have a illness not yet to be diagnosed...any suggestions on if it could be related to whatever illness i have?

Hello there

the thing in the back of the eye is probably a birth defect type of a scar or a flat nevus (freckle or mole). It is unlikely to be anything of significance. The worse case scenario for spots in the retina is a melanoma and those dont even cause body aches and pains. Those are super rare cancerous growths in the eye. Again, it is unlikely to be anything of that nature, but just get it looked at to be sure, Regards ***** *****

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