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I was rold by my Ophthalmologist that I have small vessel

Customer Question

I was rold by my Ophthalmologist that I have small vessel irregularities that he called "telectgantasia"(I spelled it like it sounded) Can you tell me more about this disorder?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


Telangiectasis is the condition where small vessels develop where they shouldn't be. They are abnormal and do not carry out the function of a normal vessel. They can occur anywhere. People with acne or rosacea will have them on their faces and noses. They can occur on the white of the eye. They can occur in the retina of the eye. This is where they can be most dangerous. These abnormal vessels can break easily and bleed. If you have them in the retina near the center (fovea), they can bleed into the center and affect your vision. There is no surgery that can remove them. Sometimes, when they start bleed, we can do laser treatments to halt the bleeding.

Hope this helps and thank you.