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My baby is 4 months has squint in right eye and also cloudy

Customer Question

My baby is 4 months has squint in right eye and also cloudy cornea according to baby doctor. I can see what looks like a (hard to describe) shadow? To me it looks like rainbow like when oil has been on the floor and then it rains you get like a rainbow? sorry hard to describe. It lays on the coloured part of both eyes. my doctor has refered me to eye clinic but 6 week wait( live in united kingdom) took my her to see opthalmologist at emergency eye clinic as worried he said could'nt see anything nor could I. He didn't really look though and she was sleeping at the time and room was lit by artifical light. i can only see this in eyes in natural day light.Went to see family doc today right eye has swelled and is a little red my daughter keeps bobbing head down to the right like it is to heavy on this side to control especially when waking . My doc said not to worry right eye is smaller than the left if it becomes sticky and red to come back and just wait for appt with eye doc. please help
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


This sounds very concerning. Cloudy cornea in an infant can signify a congenital problem, or glaucoma. A funny reflex in the pupil may represent a congenital malformation in the eye (called PHPV) or retinal detachment or tumor (retinoblastoma). The baby needs to have his eye examined as soon as possible.

Hope this helps and thanky you.