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Dr. JLB, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  General Ophthalmologist, Fellowship trained in Refractive Surgery
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Monday I had a piece of debri go in my eye and I had an eye

Customer Question

Monday I had a piece of debri go in my eye and I had an eye doctor clean my eye and take out a small piece of wood, and he said it scratched my Cornia, ever sinc Monday night I have been very dizzy, I have been loosing my balance, is this do to my eye, because I never had this happen before.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. JLB replied 8 years ago.


It is unlikely that the dizziness and loss of balance is directly linked to the recent trauma sustained by your eye. Dizziness and balance usually occurs when there are problems with the inner ear. Patients with inflammation in the inner ear, such as when suffering from an ear infection, will often present with this complaint. Also, sinusitis can cause congestion in the inner ear and cause these symptoms.

There is a possibility that you experienced significant tearing and secretions from the eye where the trauma occured. These secretions will drain to your sinuses which will, in turn, cause sinus congestion and in some cases a sinus infection. Ultimately, this can lead to the symptoms you have described.

The best course to follow is to visit an ear nose and throat specialist (ENT). These doctors are trained in treating sinusitis and inner ear problems that cause dizziness and loss of balance. Often, the treatment consists of oral antibiotics and nasal decongestants. In some instances, drainage of the sinuses or ears is required for complete resolution.

I hope this is helpful and that you feel better soon...



Expert:  Dr. JLB replied 8 years ago.

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