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Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz
Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Glaucoma Specialist, Associate Professor FAU, Teaching Faculty Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
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I've been to nine eye doctors and no one can help me get rid

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I've been to nine eye doctors and no one can help me get rid of this. I've had plugs for dry eyes...all kinds of meds and drops...changed soaps etc. can you please help. I've also used hot compress'. NOTHING helps,
Tough problem. Sounds like you have tried everything! It sounds like you have dry eye, or a combination of dry eye and lid irritation called blepharitis. These two often go together. Sometimes so many treatment are tried simultaneously that they eye becomes irritated from the frequent washing and multiple medications, further exacerbating the problem. I would stop everything you are trying for one week. Use only artificial tears to lubricate the surface of the eye. Then add gentle lid scrubs with diluted baby shampoo, along with hot compresses. If dryness is severe, and not responding, you may require treatment with Restasis - this is a medication that increases healthy tear production. You may have not only dry eye, but DTS - dysfunctional tear syndrome - the quality of your tears may be poor and inflammatory. Restasis, along with a steroid used for one month, may decrease the inflammation. The steroid is then tapered, but the restasis is continued long term - sometimes years. Steroids can not be used long term because this can raise the pressure in your eye and cause glaucoma. Restasis often takes 6-8 weeks to work before you see any improvement. Low dose doxycycline is also an antibiotic that is used to treat blepharitis (inflammation in your eyelids). This changes the consistency of the secretions from the glands in your eyelids and may help. Nutritional supplements such as flax seed oil may also improve dry eye symptoms. Some of my patients use a vitamin called Hydro Eye from Science Based Health - this seems to work for some. I have outlined many different treatment options for you. I suggest you discuss these with your ophthalmologist. Good luck!
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