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Not much to say, l went to see dr. armogan saw him for about

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not much to say, l went to see dr. armogan saw him for about 3 min and he advised me that my retina was detached and advised me that surgery was required, so they booked me in for july 7 then 24 hrs later l got a call telling me that july 7 was only the consultation and the surgery was moved up to 14 july. if ditach retina is so important to repair why do l have to wait 4 weeks for surgery.
Hello this depends on several factors. how long has it been detached? What were the symptoms that you had? are you diabetic? your age ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Quick History. feb of this year I went to my eye doctor telling them about the small little balls floating accross my eys, he told me that it should disapear within a few weeks. it went away about 2 months ago, however after that it felt like I was seeing smog in front of my left eye not realizing it was more of a curtain closing until 3 weeks ago. so I went back to my eye doctor and he confirmed that part of my retina was detached and they would call dr. armogan to book surgery ASAP, but they could not get thru so they advised me to go to emergency to get better results which l did. l am not a diabetic and l am 47 years of age. what l do not understand if its that serious that l could go blind why is surgery slated so far ahead, and how do l know that if l proceed sooner with surgery that it will be better. i want to get a second opionion and wondering if you've heard of this doctor based out of burlington on, and a dr. martin based out of hamilton. l hope this helps and thank you for all you time, carlo gallo

is the central vision intact? can you see the big E on the chart with that eye? can you see more letters?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

during my eye exam the doctor turned off the lights and had me cover up my right eye (good one) and I could not see the wall, when she approched me and asked me if lleft could see her fingers and l could not see them until she was about a foot away. oh! l also wear contacts, is it even worth wearing it on my left eye (bad one)

It sounds like you have what we call a macula off retinal detachment. This is when the retina that corresponds to the central vision is detached in addition to the peripheral retina. The timing for fixing this is typically within a few weeks. It is hard to guess how advanced the detachment really is based on your symptoms. If this was my eye, I would want surgery sooner than 4 weeks. I would suggest getting a second opinion with a retina specialist. Regards ***** *****
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