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I was sent to an eye doctor in Eindhoven NL last year and

Resolved Question:

I was sent to an eye doctor in Eindhoven NL last year and she told me that the "jelly like ridge"in the corner of my right eye was "old age" and that there was no treatment!My sister from Australia was appalled as she has had two removed from her eyes and says its a quick easy outpatient treatment and should be done as leaving it can cause problems if it spreads!!who is right?I am 63yrs old
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


I assume you are talking about a white/grey/yellow elevated "bump" on the white of your eyes (can be located on either side of the cornea). This is called a pingueculum (pterygium if it has grown onto the cornea). This is caused from exposure to UV light over many years.

They are both right. These lesions are harmless. However, they tend to get red and irritated and inflammed at times. Sometimes they grow onto the cornea. The surgery is relatively easy. We perform surgery if the lesion is growing or persistently irritating or growing over onto the cornea. Otherwise, many times as you get into your 50's, the lesions become dormant and just sit there. In that case, surgery is elective (not necessary, but can be performed if you wish).

Hope this helps and thank you.

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