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Hello, My question is. One month ago I had surgery (vitrectomy)

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My question is. One month ago I had surgery (vitrectomy) done in one eye. This was to remove heavy 'floaters' in my vitreous (hope I use the right word).

A gas-bubble was placed to support the retina. I was told the gas-bubble would be gone within two weeks. But now one month later there's still a small but very darkblack ring dancing around in my eye, with a white center as left over from the bubble.
It's behaving like a 'floater' and does not get any smaller.
The surgeon says just have patience and it will dissolve.
But it makes me nervous because it moves around all the time and I am afraid it will not dissapear.
What is your opinion?

Best regards,



Two weeks was a very conservative estimate for the gas bubble. I have seen gas bubbles last as long as 6 weeks or 2 months out. Also, did the surgeon say that what you see is the bubble? Could it be a leftover floater?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hello Dr. Chan,


Thank you very much for your answer. I will accept and pay.

I think I just have to have patience. It's because the black ring does not get any smaller that I get worried.


I did not see the surgeon since the operation because it was done in Belgium (very far from where I live) and the next appointment is July 2nd. We had contact via e-mail, as I described what I experienced


I think it is the bubble because.

1) it has the same clear white center that the bubble had form the beginning.

2) It is totally different from the floaters I had. This dark black ring I have never seen before the operation.

Do you agree?


Thank you again and best regards,







You know your body better than anyone. It sounds like the bubble. The bubble will be absorbed completely in time.


Good luck.

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