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Wife Had LASIK Surgery on May 28th, by June 1st, the right

Resolved Question:

Wife Had LASIK Surgery on May 28th, by June 1st, the right eye healed, but the left was still blurry, and felt the sensation of a foreign body on her eye. Dr. diagnosed her with DLK, (but had 20/25 on the eye) and increased her steroid drops to one drop every 2 hours. By wednesday June 3, she was seeing worse (couldn't see the E on the display) blurry through the left eye, and was having pain (although she was working all day reading and starring to the computer), On June 4th, he lifted the flap to irrigate the eye, and gave her 60mg of prednisone orally and one drop of steroids on the eye hourly. As of today June 6th, the feeling of a foreign body in the eye is not there anymore, but she is still has blurry vision. I can still see the cloud/haziness on her eye, and she gets "like" spasms in her eye once in a while, like every other hour, but don't last more than 20 to 30 seconds. Is this normal? should we have seen significant improvement in her vision in that eye already? Should we get a second opinion?
Thank You,
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

Hello there

DLK is a post op inflammatory condition as you know. It is quite common for the blurriness to persist for a week or two, as the haze begins to clear slowly. The lack of foreign body sensation is a good thing. However at this point I would expect her to see better than the big E, if she does not I would encourage her to be seen by her surgeon on Monday. My take on second opinions are that they are fine IF you feel like the doc is not being straight up or you feel uneasy about the way in which he handles this. Post op complications whether they are infectious or inflammatory happens to all surgeons, but if he or she does not seem to know how to deal with the issue appropriately, a second opinion or referral is warranted. I wish the best for your wife, Regards

Please do not hesitate to ask any more questions, Dr. Stevens

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Actually, the surgeon has been great, he saw her on june 5th ( the day after the irrigation) and she was not able to see the big E, but when she saw through a pinhole (whichcovered her right eye, and was forced to see through a pinhole on the left eye (after some adjustment) she was able to see very well) Also, the surgeon will see her tomorrow sunday morning. We are happy with out surgeon and how open and transparent he has been with the issue, we have 24hr contact with him also with his cel phone., We are just worried simply becuase its her eye, and had never had issues with that. Thus, we were only worried whether there was a possibility of a wrong diagnosis, or are we suppose to just give it more time? I understand that its only been around 48 hrs, since the irrigation procedure, but we are just very worried she may have long term blurriness. Or any affects that may be irreversable. One more thing, we were today at the stores, and she was able to see and read the letters on signs, that were about as big as the E, and I would say a little smaller than that. Thank You,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
One more thing, I will ask tomorrow, but would like your opinion, She is using a patch over the left eye, because she obviously sees better through the good eye only, and she seems to gets a little dizzy as the day progresses having part of her vision crisp, and the other part blurry. Is the use of the patch detrimental to the recovery?
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

Hello there

I am pretty convinced that your surgeon is right on with the diagnosis. The other possibility would be an infection, but her eye would be significantly worse if that was the case given the treatment she had received. At this point, you need to give it time and adhere to the drops as prescribed. She will come around, DLK should resolve fully with good vision. The patch should not change the outcome, I would encourage her to test the vision however occasionally to be sure there is not a significant reduction in vision. Regards *****

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