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Dr. JLB, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  General Ophthalmologist, Fellowship trained in Refractive Surgery
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Doctor - *My left eye is tearing blood and regular tears *The

Customer Question

Doctor -
*My left eye is tearing blood and regular tears
*The lower channel which leads to the lacrimal sac is swollen, iit feels like a pea
*There is a small cyst growing with blood in it in the area where you clean your eye
*The blood vessels are very dark
*The eye is twitching alot

Please help, I am scared because I have a benign tumor behind my eye (had about 5 surgeries)
I also had 2 surgeries within the last 2 years to unblock my tear duct draft because my eye was tearing alot.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. JLB replied 8 years ago.

Can you provide some additional information?

1. Your age and gender?

2. Medical conditions?

3. Are you taking any medications? Allergies?

4. Do you know the exact name of the "benign tumor" found behind your eye?

5. Where the 5 surgeries necessary because the tumor kept regrowing or because it was incompletely removed?

6. Have you experienced fever?

7. Are you having pain?

8. Has your vision decreased?

These answers will help me evaluate your case better...


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

39 female

No medical conditions

Not taking medicines - i think i have allergies just on the left of my face - eye and nose

Not sure of the name of the tumor, i had it since a child

The tumor (the blood from the heart which travels through the arteries to the eye wasnt returning to the heart - it stayed their and accumulated) which travelled to the eye has not been removed because it may blind me - i took steroids then it didnt grow anymore

No fevers - always tired

No pain just irritated which makes me want to sleep

Vision is the same

Expert:  Dr. JLB replied 8 years ago.

It sounds like the tumor you have dealt with is an ORBITAL HEMANGIOMA. Removing these can be quite dangerous because normal structures behind the eye can be damaged leading to permanent loss of vision.

The cyst you describe may be one of two things:

1. Dacryocystitis - This is an infection of the lacrimal drainage system that goes from the inner aspect of the lids to the nose. This often requires treatment with antibiotics and possibly surgical intervention. In my opinion, this is the most likely diagnosis.

2. An extension of your hemangioma - This is a possibility that must be considered given your past history; however, it is unusual for the type of tumor that I believe you have to continue to expand after adequate steroid treatment.

Ultimately, there is no substitute for a complete eye exam to help identify the cause and treat appropiately. I would recommend a visit to an ophthalmologist with a subspecialty in oculoplastics. These sub-specialits are best equiped to handle the type of situation that you are dealing with.

I hope this is helpful and good luck as you pursue an adequate cure to the condition...


Dr. JLB and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you!
Expert:  Dr. JLB replied 8 years ago.
Your welcome...God Bless