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Dr. JLB, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  General Ophthalmologist, Fellowship trained in Refractive Surgery
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Have been in and out with eye doctors for my watery eye

Resolved Question:

Have been in and out with eye doctors for my watery eye syndrome. Have used Alrex, Patanol, and when eye is really bad Tobramycin and PredForte. This is happening only in the left eye as right eye is on PredForte because of cornea transplant. No watering occurs in right eye. Any ideas on how to stop the watering in the left eye? Have even used drops to keep my eye wet thinking it is dry eye problems.
Thank you,
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. JLB replied 8 years ago.
Hi Cindy,

I'm sorry to hear about your watery left eye. The medications you have used are effective for treatment of inflammation in the eyes. Inflammation is most commonly caused by allergic conjunctivitis, dry eyes and blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids). Given the lack of success with these drops, one must consider other possibilities as being the cause of the tearing.

At this point, the most likely problem is an obstruction of the canaliculi. These are the ducts that drain the tears from the inner aspect of the eyelids to the nose. If these are obstructed the eye will inevitably be teary. The obstruction is usually an accumulation of tear residues in these ducts.

My recommendation would be to have an ophthalmologist, specifically an oculoplastics specialist, perform a probing and irrigation of the canaliculi. This is an in-office procedure where a small probe is used to enter the canaliculi followed by irrigation with saline. This procedure can be therapeutic, in that, it can instantly remove the obstruction. If the ducts are found to be obstructed and will not open up during this procedure, a surgical procedure may be necessary to alleviate the symptoms.

I encourage you to visit an oculoplastics specialist. I believe this will be your best chance at resolving this problem permanently.

I hope this is helpful...


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