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What can one do if they 1 had a SUDDEN VISION LOSS and a

Resolved Question:

what can one do if they 1 had a SUDDEN VISION LOSS and a head acke(sp), right forhead. I believe it to be my first stroke but how would it be treated?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


Strokes usually do not cause headaches. Your symptoms of sudden vision loss with headache is very concerning. What is your age? What other medical conditions do you have? How bad is the vision loss? Complete? Was there any flashing lights? Is the eye itself red or painful?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Age 54. No other conditions or meds. loss is peripheral both eyes more in left then right. aprox. 1/2 to 1/3rd left 20% right. Can see swirls sort of. kind of a refration of what I'm looking at. the eye is not red or discolored. I do have bad alergies and once in a while blurs vision temperaraly, never long and never peripherally. I have been on claratin OC for a couple weeks.
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 8 years ago.


The loss of peripheral vision in both eyes does point towards a TIA or stroke. There is no treatment for strokes that has already occurred. However, I would at least start you on Aspirin (and you may need to be on Plavix or Lovenox). I would also get a carotid ultrasound to look for the source of the stroke. The point is to try to prevent a larger event that can affect a larger part of your brain.

You need to be seen by an Ophthalmologist and get a visual fields test to determine if indeed it is a stroke. There are other conditions, like temporal arteritis (usually just affects one eye) or retinal detachment that needs to be ruled out.

Hope this helps.

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