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Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz
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I have a slight pinkish (kind of looks like a rash) around

Resolved Question:


I have a slight pinkish (kind of looks like a rash) around the outside of my iris part of my eye. It almost fully goes around the eye exceot for the top right part. It does not hurt nor is sensitive to light however it will not go away? What might is this be?

It all started when i went to see an eye doc to get a new prescribtion. They have me a difference brand of contacts and a few days later I got pink eye. I went back and the doc gave me med. She said my corneal was fine but it looked like it was infected. She gave me meds and it went away how ever not all the way. I have not been wearing my contacts as I have been waiting until all the pink does away completely. I am getting concern as to hiw long this is taking.

Thank you


Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz replied 8 years ago.

Sounds like this is contact lens related. Contact lens overwear can cause irritation and redness. This is solved by simply discontinuing CL wear until the eye feels better. And never, never sleep in a contact lens. The risk of infection goes way up with overnight use. A poorly fitting contact lens can cause irritation as well. Have you been wearing the same brand/size without problems for a long time, or have you recently switched? You mentioned your cornea "looked like it was infected". A corneal ulcer is a serious problem which needs to be treated until the infection is gone, and CL wear cannot be resumed until it is fully healed. You can also develop an allergy to the contacts - called giant papillary conjunctivitis - which can make CL use difficult and/or irritating. Dryness can cause these symptoms as well, and you should use frequent rewetting drops. Steroid drops may be needed (if there is no infection present) to decrease the redness and inflammation, but this is a SHORT TERM treatment only, and you can not use contacts while being treated. Long term treatment with steroid drops causes all sorts of significant side effects.

This is what I would do. Stay out of contacts until you eye is comfortable and not red. Use frequent over the counter artificial tears to keep the eye lubricated. This may take two weeks. Call you doctor and see if what you had was a corneal ulcer. If so, see her again and discuss methods of decreasing the risk of recurrence, and make sure you have contacts that fit well. Consider using daily disposable contacts - these are ultra convenient and safe.

Good luck and I hope you feel better!

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