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For as as I can remember, my left eye lid has never seemed

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For as long as I can remember, my left eye lid has never seemed to open as much as my right. It seems like in the summer time it gets kinda swollen and opens even less I guess due to humidity or maybe allergies or something. I do not want to call it a lazy eye because when I think of a lazy eye I think of an eye lid that only opens half way or less and mine is not that bad. My question is, what can I do to fix this issue? It makes me very self conscious some times and it would be great to not have to worry about it any more. Its at its worse when I first when I am tired. I have been told that I could cover my right eye with an eye patch and I actually tried that for a while but I did not notice any results so I kind of gave up on it. I also think that the vision in that eye is slightly worse then in my right eye and it may even be causing my right eye to strain. I do not want to end up with glasses so I just need some tips here. I hope this makes since to you.

Hello there

your situation is common, and has nothing to do with a lazy eye which is really a deviation of the eyeball in a direction (amblyopia). This is called eyelid ptosis and an ophthalmologist can fix the issue often in an in office 30 minute procedure. It may even be covered under many insurance plans, I know my HMO covers it. Anyhow, you need to get a referral to an ophthalmologist to get the ball rolling. Regards

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Really? It does not require any type of surgery at all? Some times when its at its worse it feels as though I am crossed eyed and I have even looked in a mirror a few times just to make sure I wasn't! It looks to me the the part of the upper eyelid next to the outer canthis is what causes the problem. Could you tell me what the Opthalmologist would do to fix the problem?

Hello there

I am sorry, I did not mean to confuse, by "in office 30 minute procedure" I meant a minor surgery. What we do is make a crease incision in the upper lid and find the levator muscle and attach it a bit lower on the lid, thus raising the lid a bit. If the droop is minor, there is even an easier method, either one can be done in an office or an outpatient surgical suite. I am sure you can google levator dehiscence ptosis repair and get some pics or illustrations, Regards

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
With something like that I would worry that my eye would end up looking funny and feel tight to the point that it would be hard to keep it closed. Is that an issue at all with that procedure? Sorry I am asking so many questions. I would LOVE to fix my minor issue but I would hate to end up with an eye that wont close all the way instead of not opening all the way...

Hello there

overcorrection is indeed a risk, however most oculoplastic surgeons who are specialized ophthalmologists feel quite comfortable with this procedure, and you can always ask for pre and post op pictures (even in an HMO setting) since most take them for medico-legal issues. I would not hesitate to have it done if it was bothersome to me. If you look around, MANY people have a small amount of droop in one lid or the other, look at Kobe Bryant....either way, a consultation will go a long way in helping you make your mind. It cant hurt to hear what the specialist has to say, Regards, ***** *****

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