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My partner is 73 and had a cataract removed on his eye 2

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my partner is 73 and had a cataract removed on his eye 2 weeks ago
That is great to hear Linda, did you have a question ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

my partner who is 73 had a cataract op 2 weeks ago 6 days after the op after we had sex he complained about the vision in his eye and had to go to a and e a couple of days after that as vision was still blurred the hospital explained that it was micro degeneration as years ago he had had a heomerrage in this eye,I am so concerned that we should have been more careful but we didnt think this would cause a problem.He has been advised to take drops in his eye for the next 3 months, I feel so bad that this could possibly have caused the problem, could you advise me if this could have so as to put my mind at rest , the hospital seems to believe his sight should get better in time he is still ableto drive and at the moment has partial sightin this eye.Apologies that this is a rather intimate question but I care a lot and am concerned.

Thank you Linda xxx.


let me get this correctly....his vision after cataract surgery was better and a week later it was becoming fuzzy or was it simply not improving as well as expected after surgery? He was told he had macular degeneration or micro degeneration ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
macular degeneration I THINK WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?


I am still not sure about the progression of his vision....his vision after cataract surgery was better than before and a week later it became fuzzy ?? or is it that his vision simply did not improve with the cataract surgery ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
After the op he had vision problem which cleared 2 days after op then he continued to have better vision, he then had problems after us sleeping together which where his eye became blurry vision he went back to a/e on the sat and he was told that he must take drops for 3 months and he has macular degeneration, my original question was was it caused by having sex 6 days after op ? sorry its a bit personal but I am concerned for him he is 73 many years ago he had a heomerrage in the eye that had the cateract removed.

Hello there

I dont think intercourse led to the issues he is having. Here is why...macular degeneration is a chronic problem and is OFTEN exacerbated by cataract surgery. Cataract surgery causes inflammation in the eye and can affect the retina after surgery. His physical activity did not lead to this at all. I advise my patients they can resume intercourse after surgery. Now if you told me his implant somehow moved, that may be a different story but this is not related to the intercourse, Regards *****

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